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Organizational transformation through healing

A Mateo supports teams in becoming compassionate communities that support individual and collective healing, growth, and mission fulfillment. With a breadth of experience in racial and gender equity, HIV prevention and education, and trauma-informed care, Mateo is able to create and facilitate spaces, curriculum, implementation, and evaluation to meet the diverse needs of today's aspiring anti-oppressive and progressive organizations and communities. Mateo's creative and accessible style facilitates impactful, effective shifts in organizational systems that recognize and nurture the rich humanity of of the whole team.



> Conflict Mediation


> Training and Workshops


> Strategic Planning


> Racial and Gender Equity

   Evaluation and Implementation


Conflict Mediation

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Strategic Planning

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Workshops and Trainings

"Mateo is a skilled mediator who facilitates conflict with compassion and grace. They are able to see the beauty in conflict and to encourage teams to lean in to the generative power of conflict. In facilitating mediation for our team, Mateo helped us peel back the layers of complexity and nuance to reveal the love, commitment, and passion that lay beneath. He was flexible and sensitive with us as we worked through years of hurt that mired our team. At the end of a one day session, we achieved reconciliation, clarity, and a set of concrete actions that we would take to heal and proactively deal with future conflicts. I highly recommend Mateo for anyone seeking conflict mediation support.- Lisa Ramadhar

"Mateo provided an insightful and compassionate tailored session for me and my partners at The Freedomwell LLC. We needed safe and fair guidance to help create group agreements and how to address tension areas. Everyone in our session felt they had been listened to. In our session we made several break throughs. I can’t express enough how Mateo's dedication, thoughtfulness and diligence shows up in the quality of work they provided me and my partners!!!- Hindia Omar-Miller

"I never felt comfortable sharing in a group before this training." Thelma DOHMH

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